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An Adventure Story

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Una Goes to Europe

I wanted a way to really commemorate my time abroad, and combine all of the skills I learned while in art school in Florence. I ended up merging four creative outlets: serigraphy (screen printing), creative writing, photography, and book binding into one little package, titled after my personal motto: Sleep Less & Travel More.

The set features two books: One containing memoirs and photographs, the other containing physical trinkets, and also containing two screen prints. It is held together by a unpictured casing made of book cloth and thick paper.

This multifaceted project was a chance to physically craft( I LOVE crafting things!) and be fully immersed in creation.

The book is filled with vignettes, poems, and letters about places I traveled, paired with photographs I took there.

Getting My Hands Dirty

Learning to screen print was an amazing experience I ended up really embracing. I learned a lot about registration, color separation, paper quality, and ink making. I got my hands dirty making the silk screens for this project (somehow managed keep the final prints clean!), printing on both etching paper and book cloth.

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Beyond a Perfect Stitch

From stitching open-spine books to gluing hardcovers, I learned so much from studying book arts, and greatly improved my overall craft. Sleep Less & Travel More became my final creation, combining hard cover stitching with printed-on book cloth, covering a double-fold open spine.

I also created a companion book full of tickets, business cards, and brochures from places I adored. I used the same binding technique and Florentine decorative paper.

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A Wonderful Adventure

I kept a blog when I went abroad, but also began to write about the cities I visited and experiences I had in a more creative manner for this series. I wrote about very specific moments and impressions in the form of poems, vignettes, and letters.

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